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Do you dream of securing the skills of a Michelin star-rewarded chef for your event?

Our catering service is there all year to ensure that your event is a success. Let your imagination run wild, there is no limit to what we can do. All of our know-how goes into our high-end services, provided directly at your venue.

For a christening, a birthday, a private party or a work event:

  • Take-away meals or dishes delivered directly to your home.
  • Customised menus.
  • Birthday cakes, chocolates and creations.
  • Petits-fours, appetizers served in glasses, nibbles…
  • Menus for the festive season: foie gras, yul logs…
  • Contact us for further information.

To provide you with quality produce, our outstanding catering service works closely with the a  BVC regional agency specialised in hygiene and food safety in restaurants

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Home catering service

The magic of Le Figuier de Saint Esprit for a moment of escape: Christian, Jordan and Matthias MORISSET are delighted to step into your kitchen to put their undisputable mastery and know-how at the service of your guests and to transform your event into an unforgettable moment.

Our world: nature with the noblest produce we can find; we are nothing more than humble servants inviting you on a journey with the promise of happiness, inspired by dreams of powerful yet subtle pleasures of the senses.

Let us reveal this aspect of our passion, to delight your senses that will hunger for constantly renewed pleasure, take a daring step on this delicious yet simple journey while never leaving the comfort of your home.


Home catering service
Gourmet hampers


The gourmet restaurant Le Figuier de Saint-Esprit reflects the story of a creative cuisine started by Christian Morisset

The essentials

You just have to sample the key offerings of this exceptional gastronomic restaurant.

The menus

The gourmet cuisine is imbued with the charms of our marvellous region, and provides unique refinement and an entirely delightful experience.

A la carte

Le Figuier is first and foremost the creations of a demanding and rigorous chef who, every day, lives up to his Michelin star.

The wine cellar

The restaurant offers an exceptional variety of fine wines, carefully selected to magnificently accompany your meal.