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The Restaurant


The gourmet restaurant Le Figuier de Saint Esprit reflects the story of a creative cuisine, initiated by Christian Morisset, the foundation of which rests on a strong tradition and immense experience. As evidence of this authentic cuisine, the establishment, located on the fortifications of the old town of Antibes, has been awarded a Michelin star.

As a representative of Haute Cuisine, surrounded by his relatives and his loyal team, the sole ambition of Christian Morisset, who is an unpretentious gastronomic and pastry chef, is really quite simple: to delight your taste buds!

The quality and taste of his cuisine stem firstly from his choice of ingredients, sourced every day from a local market. Christian Morisset is particularly and meticulously attached to the quality, flavour and freshness of his products, which he selects with draconian attention.

His cuisine is delicate and never excessive, subtly combing flavours and colours; no useless flourishes, only harmony, refinement and a delicate touch so that the taste of the earth or the sea mingle with perfection to enchant your senses.

Follow this master who will allow you to share intense, prodigious and unforgettable moments. His dishes will be for ever be seared into your culinary memory, and with the selection of wines, they will unite to symbiotically and marvellously combine all of your senses.


Originally from the Poitou region, from a very young age Christian Morisset knew where his passion lay: pastry.

At the age of five, his favourite playground was his mother’s kitchen, where he prepared flat cakes using milk fat. Progressively, he climbed the rungs of the gastronomic ladder to become a pastry chef.

His specialisation in pastries then naturally led him to become an all-round chef.

As a chef he enters into the service of the Château d’Esclimont in the Eure et Loire region in 1985. In 1987, he returns to Antibes, to take over from Alain Ducasse as chef at the Terrace of the Hôtel Juana, which is awarded two Michelin stars and is renamed La Terrasse Christian Morisset.
His cuisine is highly technical, rigorous, light and instanteneous. As a specialist of short cooking times, he respects the produce to recreate its quintessential qualities: the expression of a taste, the nature of a fragrance.
After 18 years of gastronomic performances, the chef opens his own establishment in Antibes, le Figuier de Saint-Esprit.

At the same time, his talented son, Jordan Morisset, winner of the Graine de Chef contest at the age of nine at the Ritz Hotel in Paris, graduates brilliantly from the Paul Augier hotel school.
Meanwhile, his younger son, who trained for two years as a motorbike mechanic in Nice, finally decided not to pursue a career in a bike repair shop and preferred to branch out into pastry, in the footsteps his father. After two years of training as pastry chef with Christian Cottard, a renowned pastry chef from Antibes, in August 2009 he is hired as pastry chef at the Figuier de Saint-Esprit.

That was the start of the adventure… and what a fantastic adventure it is.


Mrs Morisset, the chef’s secret muse, is always available, enthusiastic, and keen to satisfy all natures of sensitivities in an original and nuanced manner. She commands the admiration and the love of all who know her, with her skilful balancing act between the kitchen and the dining room. She stalwartly makes all the difference during creative turmoil, reconciling the Master’s creations and the indispensable work carried out by the kitchen staff.

When the establishment is shaking with anger or impatience, she remains calm, never departing from her kindness, her smiling eyes instilling serenity. She is able to calm with a gesture and with a word, unravels every knot, and tranquillity magically falls upon the kitchen.

Mrs Morisset has the courage of women with initiative, of whom too little is said. Humble, she remains in the background, but she masters infinite possibilities and she understands the wonderful diversity of the “Figuier” family.
Mrs Morisset’s genius resides in her extraordinary talent in bringing the soul of gastronomy and the great and noble tradition of French cuisine to the Figuier de Saint Esprit.


Christian Morisset is assisted by his chef, Christophe Griss, who for two years was his second assistant at the Terrasse Morisset, and by his younger son, Matthias, who has been trained as a pastry chef and who spent the 2010 season working with the Llorca brothers in the pastry kitchen of the Hôtel Juana. He returned to the Figuier de Saint-Esprit to learn the culinary arts with his brother.

Having worked abroad for several years, Jordan, the eldest son, returned to the establishment with newfound experience in the some great restaurants: Alain Ducasse’s establishment in New York, Joêl Robuchon’s restaurant in Singapore, Matteo’s restaurant in Melbourne, Philippe Chevrier’s establishment in Châteauvieux, Switzerland, and finally Le Gourmet Brothers in Geneva, as head caterer.

In the dining room, Josiane Morisset welcomes guests, Alexandre Cregniot officiates as head waiter and Nicholas Vieilleville is the head sommelier.

Christian Morisset

Manager, chief executive

Josiane Morisset

Co-manager, customer relations, booking management and administrative duties

Matthias Morisset

Kitchen production partner

Jordan Morisset

Catering activity partner

Christophe Griss

Head chef

Sébastien MURCIA

Pastry chef

Guillaume Dussaussoy

Head sommelier

Alexandre Crégniot

Head waiter


“The city’s culinary attraction was created by Christian Morisset, Ducasse’s successor at the Juana. For the past five years, the master chef has been working wonders in his own establishment, aided by his wife, his son Matthias and his long-time friend, Christophe Griss. The man is relentlessly searching, revisiting and reinventing. This quest is reflected by his roasted blue lobster served with primeurs salad with vanilla oil and barbajuan. But there are other dishes too, some of which have acquired a near-patented status, such as the cannelloni with squid and squid ink, shell juice with fresh basil leaves or the saddle of lamb cooked in Vallauris clay. Enjoy these delights in the beautiful dining room or on the terrace, near the fig tree. “”
>Le Figaro Magazine

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The gourmet restaurant Le Figuier de Saint-Esprit reflects the story of a creative cuisine started by Christian Morisset

The essentials

You just have to sample the key offerings of this exceptional gastronomic restaurant.

The menus

The gourmet cuisine is imbued with the charms of our marvellous region, and provides unique refinement and an entirely delightful experience.

A la carte

Le Figuier is first and foremost the creations of a demanding and rigorous chef who, every day, lives up to his Michelin star.

The wine cellar

The restaurant offers an exceptional variety of fine wines, carefully selected to magnificently accompany your meal.

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