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The carte


Half stemed “Obsiblue” wild shrimps

zucchini flower stuffed with « royale » of saffron whiting squid ink and anchovies crumble zucchini and lemon dressing

Veal sweetbread

Roasted with garlic and thyme
Breaded with hazelnuts
Green asparagus veal juice with hazelnut oil, Pili nuts with cocoa and chilli

Roasted scallops from the Bay of Morlaix

Lentils in différent textures
mango and avocado condiments

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Catch of the day

with seasonal garnish
price according to availability

Roasted blue lobster
White polenta with seaweed, green curry sauce, raïta condiment

Challans duck breast
roasted pak choï and cherries
sweet and sour sauce

Fresh and refined cheeses
from the provinces of France

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The traditional « crème brûlée »
Flavoured with lavender flower from Provence


Le vacherin aux fraises


William pear in differente textures

hazelnut praline crisp, ginger jelly, praline cream
pear sorbet

Lemon from “Lou 
declination around citrus fruits and fresh raspberries

Organic chocolate from Sierra Léone Grand Cru 
Duplanteur in Grasse

chocolate shell, cold fondant 80%, dark chocolate jelly, ephemeral chocolate mousse 45%, cocoa sorbet

Ice cream or sorbets


If you wish, after-dinner
drinks are served in our lounge

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Our meats originated from France – Prices include taxes
Allergen-sensitive person must tell it when ordering


The gourmet restaurant Le Figuier de Saint-Esprit reflects the story of a creative cuisine started by Christian Morisset

The essentials

You just have to sample the key offerings of this exceptional gastronomic restaurant.

The menus

The gourmet cuisine is imbued with the charms of our marvellous region, and provides unique refinement and an entirely delightful experience.

A la carte

Le Figuier is first and foremost the creations of a demanding and rigorous chef who, every day, lives up to his Michelin star.

The wine cellar

The restaurant offers an exceptional variety of fine wines, carefully selected to magnificently accompany your meal.